The Forgiveness Story

by William Glenn Shank, RScP

Category: Self Help: Spiritual - winner

The Forgiveness Story

'THE FORGIVENESS STORY', the new book by Religious Science Practitioner, William Glenn Shank, is truly a landmark breakthrough on the topic of forgiveness.

Based on William's highly successful workshop, 'The Forgiveness Story' explores such sensitive forgiveness related issues as blame, guilt, resentment and justice while leading readers through an innovative process using classic storytelling techniques.

From the safe perspective of ‘Storyteller’, readers create a Protagonist, an Antagonist, a Conflict, a Climactic Moment based on their own unique forgiveness 'issue'. By objectively exploring feelings and emotions vicariously through the characters they've created, readers uncover their own buried source of pain that only forgiveness can heal.

Beyond helping readers identify their own personal source of pain, 'The Forgiveness Story' offers specific techniques to help them, once and for all, reclaim that innate power by which they control their lives.

'The Forgiveness Story' helps readers rediscover the Truth of their inherent Worthiness, the Truth of the Security that always has been, and the Truth of the Love that always will be.