The Brambles

by Leah Erickson

Category: Paranormal Activity Fiction - winner

The Brambles

"Elizabeth Gray is found hanging from a tree. Her town is shocked to learn that Elizabeth had no birth certificate, no social security number, no record of education. Her mother, an independently wealthy woman, refuses to cooperate with authorities.

But Elizabeth is not truly gone: she communicates in spirit with her three childhood playmates, driving them to investigate the true circumstances of her death.

And in doing so, Mack, Lillian, and Vanessa discover the world of The Brambles; Drugs, a motorcycle gang, a mansion owned by the elderly movie star, Mitch Cooper, John Leary, a defrocked priest and Mitch's "caretaker" and a corrupt medical doctor nicknamed "Honeybear". How are all of these things connected, and what is the secret to Elizabeth's true identity? Only three brave teenagers can find out. "