Siren Song

by Ian King

Category: Literary Fiction - winner

Siren Song

"Crisp, complicated and well-written, Siren Song is simply brilliant." Rabia Tanveer--Readers' Favorite
"Siren Song is phenomenal..."

-Romuald Dzemo--Readers' Favorite

"I was hooked from the start of [Siren Song] by the author's powerful prose and clear, compelling narrative voice... Readers will enjoy the masterful way in which the author captures radical ideologies and how he makes them clash in this masterpiece."

-Christian Sia--Readers' Favorite

"Five-plus stars to Siren Song. It stands far above the current gamut of stereotypical Middle Eastern terrorist plot potboilers, and makes for an outstanding summertime -- or anytime -- read."

-Don Sloan-Publisher's Daily

"Siren Song by Ian T. King...will keep you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend this read if you are ready to be challenged."

-Carol Hoyer--Reader Views