Unlock Your Business Voice

by Simon de Cintra

Category: Business - Entrepreneurship & Small Business - winner

Unlock Your Business Voice
Unlock Your Business Voice

Having a strong business voice is critical in today’s business arena. People who are empowered to communicate effectively are highly sought-after because they help companies move forward together and are able to share their expertise and creativity for everyone’s benefit.

In Unlock Your Business Voice, Simon shares his VOICE framework to provide practical tools, techniques and tips for less confident speakers that will help you to:

  • Discover and develop your most appropriate business voice
  • Match communication styles to create rapport with your colleagues
  • Get your message and expertise across more quickly and clearly
  • Deal with being put on the spot by more assertive leaders
  • Find confidence and reassurance in a logical, skills-based approach
  • Be heard in the land of the extrovert, even if you are an introvert Author


Simon de Cintra coaches subject matter experts who need to make more of an impact at work. A defining moment for Simon was when he left the corporate world and trained professionally as an actor. His early discovery that acting has nothing to do with pretending, inspired him to seek the formula behind truthful and authentic communication.