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Founding Editor, Suzannah Windsor

Founding Editor, Suzannah Windsor

Hi there! I’m Suzannah, and I’m a writer.

You’re probably here because you’ve always wanted to be a writer too. Maybe you don’t know quite where to start, or maybe you’re on the right track but are looking for advice and encouragement.

Write It Sideways features hundreds of articles about the art, craft, and business of writing, written specifically for aspiring and emerging writers. Our contributors come from a variety of backgrounds and have diverse experience, so you’ll gain a well-rounded perspective on the writing life.

When I started Write It Sideways back in 2009, I had no idea what it would become—what I would become. I was a teacher who’d taken some time off to raise my kids, so I also used the time to work on my writing. Today, I’m a published writer, the managing editor of a literary journal, and a freelance editor. I’m also working on my collection of short stories with the help of a Writers’ Works-in-Progress grant and a Writers’ Reserve Grant from the Ontario Arts Council (2016).

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