The Independent Publishing Magazine

The Independent Publishing Magazine

An Objective View on Global Publishing

The Independent Publishing Magazine (TIPM) launched in late 2007 by our Editor-In-Chief, Mick Rooney (author and journalist), with the purpose of providing essential information, resources and reviews of publishing service providers.

In the beginning, our exclusive focus was self-publishing, particularly as it pertained to POD (Print-on-Demand) technology. However, as the publishing industry has changed over the past seven years, so too have we. We now cover many aspects of self-publishing, hybrid publishing, traditional publishing, book marketing, publishing technology and industry news in general. Our readership is both authors and industry professionals.

TIPM tries to demonstrate an objective view on global publishing from the perspective of authors who want to publish their books outside mainstream channels. Slowly but surely the stigmas and limitations of self-publishing are becoming less of a challenge to the savvy independent author. The path to self-publishing has grown far more viable as authors have become equipped with basic but sound knowledge of book formatting, cover design, author branding and marketing know how.

TIPM reviews many paid-publishing services offered by publishing service providers, printers and large publishing houses like Thomas Nelson, Penguin, Simon & Schuster and Harlequin.

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