Temple: The Prophecy Of The Hidden Treasure

Author: Bill Thompson


Historical - Fiction | FINALIST
Political Fiction Thriller | WINNER
Religion - Fiction | WINNER

Temple: The Prophecy Of The Hidden Treasure

For over two thousand years there have been whispered rumors of a vast treasure hidden somewhere in Israel. Using the prophecies of Isaiah as their basis, many believe there is a cavern where a thousand golden objects – the sacred relics of the Second Temple – have been buried for centuries. Arriving in Jerusalem to find the treasure, wealthy antiquities dealer Brian Sadler instead finds danger lurks everywhere.

If the words of the Bible are correct and if Isaiah’s prophecy is about to be fulfilled, who will find the hidden treasure of Jerusalem’s Second Temple? An imminent war and a kidnapping put Brian’s mission in peril. It’s a race to find the relics before ISIS does, and the sacred icons are lost forever.