The Rock House

Author: Delana J. Close


Historical Fiction | WINNER

The Rock House Book Cover
The Rock House Delana Close

Milliner and business owner Abigail Langley defies everyone’s expectations. When the odious Brother Griggsby labels her latest hat “sinful,” Abby boldly wears it to church. A painful trauma early in her life has taught her the importance of following her own path.

Abby had conceived a child out of wedlock. It was the early 1900s, and in the attitude of the times, she was considered “fallen” and her baby taken away from her.

Abby never forgot the pain of having her child torn from her arms, and she is defiantly determined to make her way through a man’s world with her head held high. She opens a fashionable hat shop in her small hometown of Rockville and catches the eye of the town’s new preacher, Noah Edwards. It isn’t the first time they’ve met, and Noah well remembers their fateful first encounter.

Now, Abby must contend with Noah’s affections as well as the shocking reappearance of her child’s father. Dr. Adam Townsend has never forgotten Abby, and when they meet once more, electricity sparks between them.

Will this time be different? Or is Abby’s heart destined to once again be broken by a man she loves?

Author bio:

Delana “Jackie” Jensen Close was born and raised in the tiny town of Emery, Utah. She graduated from Snow College and did her part for the war effort in the 1940s as a regular “Rosie the Riveter,” spending years working on 155 mm Howitzers.

Later moving to Columbus, Ohio, Close pursued her entrepreneurial dreams and opened several restaurants and art galleries. She also met her husband in Columbus, where she settled down and started a family of her own.

Close now lives in Dublin, Ohio, where she continues to happily dream up historical romances and other dramatic tales.